Shiba Inu cryptocurrency (SHIB), known for its vibrant community, has witnessed a 3% jump in the last 24 hours, marking its presence in the market with a value of $0.00003. This increase coincided with an impressive climb in Ether (ETH), which surpassed the US$3,600 mark, signaling a moment of optimism in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The SHIB saga gained more color with the action of a large crypto whale, who transferred a staggering 692.4 billion SHIB tokens from the platform to a decentralized wallet. This movement, carried out at times of lowest SHIB value during the day, keeps the market’s eyes fixed on the value of the reallocated tokens, currently estimated at more than 20 million dollars.

Following this significant transaction, SHIB managed a 3% advance in its value, challenging the resistance at $0.000033. However, a slight rejection was faced, reinforcing the anticipation surrounding its next moves. Analysts point to an even bigger challenge on the horizon for SHIB, with a crucial resistance level sitting at $0.000036, a milestone that, if surpassed, could dramatically alter market dynamics.

The crypto community is especially attentive to SHIB’s behavior, observing chart formations that suggest potential for recovery and future gains. Among these analyses, the recognition of a “double bottom” pattern stands out, a technical indicator that, according to analyst Andrew Griffiths, suggests a possible reversal in the token’s price trend. Griffiths identifies a crucial resistance line and points to a price range where traders can try to capitalize by anticipating strategic moves in the market.


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