In recent weeks, there has been surprising movement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem with more than 4 trillion Shiba Inu tokens (SHIB), equivalent to more than 103 million dollars, being transferred to various trading platforms. This massive flow highlights a trend that could indicate possible profit-taking by investors of the popular memecoin.

The migration of such volume of SHIB to exchanges has triggered debate and analysis in the industry, suggesting an imminent increase in selling pressure. Ali Martinez, a well-known industry analyst, contributed to the uproar by detailing on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account that this transfer took place within two weeks. His comments emphasize that this could prelude a significant liquidation by SHIB holders.

To better understand market dynamics, analyzing on-chain metrics was essential. Using data from Santiment, a notable growth in SHIB exchange activity was observed, with a spike in outgoing transactions and a corresponding increase in tokens available on exchanges, unlike what was happening off exchanges. Such data is crucial for predicting market movements and was decisive in indicating active selling by investors.

Large holders, or “whales”, also demonstrated a tendency to sell, evidenced by the reduction in the quantities of SHIB they held. This decrease has been clearly observed across top addresses over the past week, signaling that even investors with large holdings are considering reducing their positions.

This scenario highlights the volatility and speculative nature of the cryptocurrency market, where large token movements can significantly influence price dynamics and investor strategies.

At the time of publication, the price of SHIB was quoted at US$0.00002537 with a drop of 1% in the last 24 hours.


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