Jay Jog, co-founder of Sei Labs, announced the platform’s next major update: Sei v2. This release promises to bring notable support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Cosmwasm, uniting two of the most influential blockchain ecosystems. The news, released via Twitter, highlights Sei Labs’ ongoing commitment to innovation and technological interoperability.

Sei v2 represents a milestone in the blockchain journey, highlighting the growing importance of interoperability and inter-chain communication. The integration of EVM and Cosmwasm aims to increase the functionality and versatility of blockchain-based applications, enabling fluid interaction between the Ethereum and Cosmos platforms.

This synergy between EVM, a computational framework for smart contracts on Ethereum, and Cosmwasm, a multi-chain smart contract engine, opens doors for significant innovations in the blockchain space.

Sei v2 relies on advanced technical features such as stateful precompiles and chain-level message scheduling. Stateful pre-builds allow for more complex calculations, increasing the computing potential of smart contracts. On the other hand, chain-level message scheduling ensures the smooth execution of contracts and transactions across diverse blockchain networks, reinforcing the interoperability and efficiency of Sei v2.

For developers, the introduction of Sei v2 represents a revolution. It provides greater freedom and flexibility, allowing them to choose the best tools and frameworks for their projects. In a dynamic sector like blockchain, this flexibility is crucial to meet the demands and new developments that constantly arise. By combining the features of EVM and Cosmwasm, developers can create more robust and effective applications.

The blockchain community as a whole benefits significantly from this evolution. By facilitating interoperability between Ethereum and Cosmos, Sei v2 lays the foundation for a more interconnected and collaborative blockchain ecosystem. The expectation is that this interconnectivity will further encourage innovation, allowing the sharing of ideas, resources and technologies between different blockchain networks, improving the overall user experience with applications that operate in an integrated manner across multiple platforms.

At the time of publication, the SEI price was quoted at US$0.596919, up 8% in the last 24 hours.


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