The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering dropping legal action against cryptocurrency company Debt Box. This U-turn follows a federal court order that required the SEC to justify avoiding sanctions related to the case. In a recent filing in the U.S. District Court of Utah, the SEC expressed its intention to drop its lawsuit against Debt Box, indicating a possible change in the direction of the case.

The agency initially accused Debt Box of orchestrating a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme, valued at around $50 million, while operating under the guise of a mining software license provider. In August of the previous year, the SEC obtained a restraining order to freeze Debt Box’s assets, thereby alleging that the company had transferred US$720,000 abroad and posed a flight risk to the United Arab Emirates. The SEC argued that if Debt Box received notice of the order, it could secretly transfer more assets out of the country.

Revelations question the accuracy of the SEC’s initial allegations

However, the case took a turn when Judge Robert Shelby, responsible for the case, analyzed the evidence and found that the SEC had misrepresented key facts. It was determined that the transfer of US$720,000 occurred within the United States, contrary to the SEC’s initial allegations. In response, in December, Judge Shelby issued a “show cause order” requiring the SEC to justify its actions in the lawsuit.

The SEC is now seeking to persuade the court to reject Debt Box’s request for additional sanctions. While admitting that its lawyers could be more transparent, the commission argues that there was no misconduct that would justify sanctions. According to the agency, the best course of action would be to close the case without prejudice. Thus, emphasizing that dismissal with prejudice – considered an extreme measure – is only applied in situations of proven misconduct.

Debt Box lawyers, however, dispute the SEC’s position. They allege the agency is trying to avoid responsibility and perpetuate a false narrative to escape being fired at a loss.

This situation highlights the challenges faced by regulatory bodies in the cryptocurrency sector, where nuances in evidence and interpretation can drastically influence case outcomes. As the SEC seeks to settle the lawsuit without prejudice, the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the court’s final ruling. This case highlights the importance of precision and transparency in regulators’ actions, especially in a constantly evolving sector like cryptocurrencies.


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