Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture took a big step towards innovation by introducing the Cultural Universe, a metaverse that delves into the country’s rich cultural heritage. This pioneering project, launched to celebrate Foundation Day, proposes a unique digital experience, allowing users to explore the extensive and rich history of Saudi Arabia since 1727.

Developed with Oracle’s Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology and in partnership with droppGroup’s Generative Media, Universo Cultural offers a first-person immersion in the virtual world. This interactive environment invites users to walk together, discovering the details of Saudi culture through virtual exhibitions and narrations, currently only available in Arabic.

Saudi Arabia Celebrates Foundation Day with Innovative Cultural Metaverse

The metaverse goes beyond the story, including sections dedicated to Saudi music, art, cuisine and crafts, enriched with themed minigames. Access is free and compatible with a wide range of devices, reflecting the ministry’s commitment to digital inclusion and cultural accessibility.

This launch is not only a tribute to Saudi culture, but also highlights the country’s ambition to lead the adoption of new technologies in the Middle East. Samuel Huber, CEO of LandVault, highlighted the growing importance of the metaverse in the region, with governments including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia investing in the digital transformation of their infrastructure. For these nations, the metaverse opens doors to the development of advanced digital economies.

The Cultural Universe initiative is seen by the Ministry of Culture as a turning point, marking the beginning of an era of cultural revolution. Using blockchain and artificial intelligence, this project aims to drive economic growth and enrich cultural heritage through technology.


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