The Saga blockchain recently revealed its plans for the public airdrop of its SAGA token. In a statement, Jin Kwon, co-founder of Saga, highlighted that at the end of the third quarter of last year, the blockchain kicked off the 2024 crypto airdrop season with an announcement of airdrop criteria for innovators, builders and their players/ Saga users.

In December, Saga launched Saga Advent, the first season of the Play-to-Airdrop campaign, with daily tournaments and missions during the 25 days of Christmas.

“As we open 2024 and get ever closer to the Saga Mainnet, we are revealing the eligibility criteria for the general Saga community airdrop, the last major component of our genesis airdrop.”

The statement highlighted that an airdrop is a good opportunity to define values ​​within the ecosystem and welcome initial members of the community, “rewarding those who have demonstrated value alignment.”

“Therefore, for the Saga Token Generation Event (TGE) distribution, we are targeting loyal stakers and users of our closest technology partners, as demonstrated by their activities in the toughest crypto environment.”

In early 2023, the blockchain announced partnerships with Celestia, Polygon, and Avalanche. The company highlighted that Saga is a platform solution that automates the launch of dedicated blockspaces such as Cosmos appchains, Celestia Rollups, Polygon CDK chains, and Avalanche subnets. “As a sign of appreciation to the projects that believed in Saga’s technology and mission, some members of the Celestia, Polygon and Avalanche communities will receive an airdrop of genesis$SAGA tokens.”

Additionally, the team behind the protocol also highlighted that the Saga security chain and platform chain are built using the Cosmos SDK, and in recognition, some members of the ATOM community will also receive an airdrop of genesis SAGA tokens.


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