In a recent development in the dynamic cryptocurrency ecosystem, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, sheds light on the company’s multifaceted business strategy. In an engaging conversation, he articulated the essentiality of XRP to Ripple’s broader operations, but with an intriguing caveat: we are not “XRP maximalists.”

The CEO highlighted the remarkable efficiency of XRP in various use cases, especially in international remittances and payments. Garlinghouse, however, made comments that redefine Ripple’s perspective on XRP. While the company holds a substantial amount of XRP, it also embraces diversity in the crypto world, valuing other digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“XRP is powerful and has a strong place in our operations, but our vision goes beyond,” he stated. The unfolding of this vision is evidenced by the support Ripple offers a variety of digital assets in its payment services, including popular ones like BTC and ETH, as well as stablecoins like USDT and USDC.

Outlining the company’s strategy, Garlinghouse expressed that Ripple is currently more than an entity focused on a single digital asset. The company is now seen as a business infrastructure that centralizes its efforts on blockchain technology, aiming for a more harmonious interaction with financial institutions and large business conglomerates.

In addition to XRP, Garlinghouse’s bullish outlook also extended to Bitcoin. Although he expressed hope for BTC, he remained somewhat skeptical about its ability to completely revolutionize the global monetary system.

This revelation and detailed explanation from Ripple indicate a future where the company can continue to expand its horizon, embracing a broader spectrum of possibilities and innovations in the cryptocurrency space.


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