In a strategic move, Ripple, known for its influence in the cryptocurrency market, has set aside 200 million of the 1 billion XRP unlocked this month for its monthly settlements. With an approximate value of almost US$120 million, this amount comes at a time when the price of XRP is trading below the US$0.60 support, generating expectations and speculation among investors.

The company holds approximately 39.90 billion XRP tokens, a legacy of the initial distribution that has not yet entered circulation. This practice of unlocking 1 billion XRP each month, followed by relocking a portion for future releases, has become a routine that has direct implications for both the long-term value and short-term price swings of XRP.

The recent unlock included a transfer of 200 million XRP from the ‘Ripple (22)’ address, designated for unlocked collateral, to ‘Ripple (1)’, used as treasury reserves. This operation reflects preparation for sales activities throughout April, following a pattern observed in previous months.

Furthermore, the ‘Ripple (22)’ account was also responsible for forwarding 300 million tokens to ‘Ripple (12)’, reinforcing Ripple’s liquidity management strategy by re-locking these amounts until August 2027. Likewise , ‘Ripple (23)’ contributed 500 million XRP, divided into transfers to ‘Ripple (12)’ and ‘Ripple (13)’, both equally guaranteed until the same date.

XRP’s current trading position, marked by a price of $0.5875, reflects a loss of key support, intensifying investors’ focus on Ripple’s upcoming selling activities. Such movements are crucial as they have the potential to influence new variations in the price of the cryptocurrency.


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