Raoul Pal, a notorious figure in the cryptocurrency market, recently shed light on the potential paths of Bitcoin (BTC) and Solana (SOL). In a detailed analysis, the influencer described what he calls the “Banana Zone”, a period that promises significant upheaval and growth opportunities in the market until 2025.

According to Pal, this phase resembles a bull flag formation on the charts of the two cryptocurrencies, suggesting a possible increase in market activity. The “Banana Zone” is predicted to be a time of fervor and exuberance, similar to the final days of spring before a transition into summer and autumn.

“This is a time to keep your eyes open,” Pal noted. Altcoins, according to him, should gain prominence, with Ethereum (ETH) already positioning itself ahead of Bitcoin in terms of overcoming. The expectation is that Solana will stand out even more, surpassing not only BTC, but also ETH.

Pal made a point of advising investors on the importance of evaluating crypto projects based on their genuine traction and network effects, warning of the danger of excessive leverage and the possibility of market corrections during the height of the “Banana Zone”. .

This analysis comes at a crucial time, when the cryptocurrency market is falling with bitcoin below US$64 thousand and Solana is close to US$134.89.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/raoul-pal-destaca-a-chegada-do-banana-zone-para-bitcoin-e-solana-com-impacto-promissor/

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