Pulsar Finance announced, on May 28, an important integration with the Solana (SOL) blockchain. Pulsar Finance is a multi-chain portfolio tracker. With the integration of Solana, the platform aims to offer users solutions for managing their respective assets across multiple chains.

“Solana is LIVE on Pulsar Finance! Now you can track all your positions in Solana, EVMs, Cosmos, Sui and more in ONE single dashboard. The fragmented nature of Web3 means that investments are spread across multiple platforms and networks. Making tracking your portfolio quite challenging and confusing.

We solve this by providing the broadest coverage of networks and protocols on the market, 113 networks and 910 protocols. Supporting: Tokens, Meme Coins, DeFi, NFTs.”

With the recent essential integration of Solana, the Pulsar Finance platform can now track web3 assets across 113 blockchains. With this, the company can offer its users a more comprehensive solution to track their digital assets across various ecosystems. “With the support of Solana, we track web3 assets across 113 Blockchains. Coverage far beyond any other Portfolio Tracker.”

The recent development highlighted by the integration of Solana into the Pulsar Finance platform is extremely relevant, given the unique speed and low transaction fee of the SOL blockchain when compared to others.

Solana Beats Ethereum and Polygon as the World’s Fastest Blockchain

Cryptocurrency Solana, often dubbed the “Ethereum killer,” recently achieved a significant milestone by being ranked as the fastest blockchain in the world, according to a recent study by Mercado. This report points out that Solana processed an impressive 95 million transactions in a single day, significantly standing out compared to its direct competitors. At the time of publication, the price of SOL was quoted at US$170.40 with a drop of 1% in the last 24 hours.

The research highlighted that Solana achieved an average of 1,053 transactions per second (TPS), a feat that not only demonstrates its superior technical capabilities but also solidifies its status in the cryptocurrency market. Comparatively, Sui and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) recorded 854 and 378 TPS, respectively, while Ethereum and Bitcoin, two of the most established blockchains, face limitations with much lower speeds of 22.8 and 10.7 TPS, respectively.


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