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The cryptocurrency community is at ‘war’ over a proposed change in the organization of SushiSwap, one of the most popular decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. SushiSwap head chef Jared Gray attributes the controversy surrounding the proposal to “former contributors who like to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) and misinformation.”

On March 26, a proposal titled “Evolving Sushi – Burū no Shinka” was submitted to allow Sushi to adopt a Labs model to restructure its current organization, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate protocol development.

The proposal pointed out that the protocol’s current governance procedures needed more flexibility to increase the pace of development. Consequently, it proposed the creation of Sushi Labs as an autonomous administrative, technical and operational company, or group of companies, charged with the development and management of products within the Sushi ecosystem.

However, the proposal generated heated comments from some in the community due to several proposed changes, including strengthening Sushi Labs and limiting the DAO’s powers to on-chain decentralized governance, such as voting on token allocations.

Furthermore, the proposal will allocate 25 million Sushi tokens and other funds to the Labs, making it the sole beneficiary of future airdrops.


In his response, Gray stated that the successful implementation of Burū No Shinka will lead to a new era of simplified governance for Sushi’s DAO.

According to him, the DAO will no longer need a key figure as a main chef, and his role will be to lead Sushi Labs’ product development.

“The goal of Sushi Labs is to promote the advent of a multi-product and token ecosystem, unlocking new opportunities for utility, governance and value creation, which will remain under the control of the governance board structure, with on-chain and decentralized controls increased. We see this as a win-win for the Sushi DAO.”, he said.

Gray also refuted claims that the team was manipulating votes, revealing that a whale purchased a substantial amount of the SUSHI token to undermine all of the Sushi team’s progress efforts.

These controversies highlight the importance of transparent debate and community participation in the governance of DeFi protocols.

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