Hivemapper, a Solana-based altcoin, saw a spectacular 91% increase in value in just 24 hours. This notable jump comes shortly after the announcement by Coinbase, one of the leading US cryptocurrency exchange platforms, that it will include Hivemapper in its listing roadmap.

Hivemapper (HONEY) is not just another cryptocurrency in the saturated market. It differentiates itself by being a decentralized global mapping network, revolutionizing the way geographic data is collected and shared. Using dashboard cameras, Hivemapper employees collect high-quality images, contributing to the creation of a decentralized global map. In return, they receive rewards in HONEY, encouraging active participation and network expansion.

Hivemapper’s inclusion in Coinbase’s roadmap was a strategic move, following its 2022 initiative to increase transparency and minimize speculation surrounding new commercial support announcements. This allows investors to get a clearer picture of the future potential of different cryptocurrencies.

The essence of Hivemapper is captured in the company’s statement: “Hivemapper is building a decentralized global mapping network that rewards its contributors for collecting high-volume 4K street imagery with dash cams.

Who are our collaborators? Rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, fleet owners, GIS enthusiasts, mapping enthusiasts, and truck drivers. Contributors can map anywhere, but they can make money mapping via dashcam only in some cities… Imagine a network of intrinsically connected map contributors and consumers on the Hivemapper blockchain, participating in a democratized and equitable exchange of valuable map data.

At the time of publication, the price of HONEY was quoted at US$0.243524, up 91% in the last 24 hours.


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