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Despite being among the top ten cryptocurrencies, Cardano (ADA) has not performed up to par. Its best season was in 2021 and 2022, but the price performs poorly in 2024.

Over the past two years, Cardano has continually struggled with its market price. The price fell so hard that ADA is worth 85% less than the value reached at its all-time high.

There could be several factors behind this weak performance of the cryptocurrency. But now there is new hope as analysts believe a 1,500% increase could happen in the coming days. See how this can happen.

ADA ready for 1,500% rally

The person who warned about this ADA rally was Javon Marks, a famous cryptocurrency analyst, who in his profile not X speculated about the possibility of a 1,500% increase in the coming days.

Marks believes ADA has shown clear indications of progress after breaking out of a resistance trend. As a result, ADA could see a first upward move of 222% soon, taking the value to $2.7709.

Subsequently, ADA would begin its upward rally that could take the coin to reach as high as US$7.80, ending the 1,500% increase. Furthermore, it would break its last historical high by far.

According to Marks, the most challenging part is precisely the path to US$2.7709. This movement should not occur suddenly because of strong resistance along the way.

Another analyst, Trend Rider, also made a similar prediction. Rider predicted that ADA is holding the support level and the downtrend will come to an end in the coming weeks.

These optimistic forecasts are not new, as analysts have been predicting these gains for months. Analyst Ali Martinez predicted Cardano’s rise two months ago. According to his analysis, ADA could reach as high as $10.

ADA Listing on Gemini

Another fact that fuels the appreciation of ADA are the rumors that Gemini will list ADA on its platform, which have been circulating on the market for days. Recently, Gemini published a message on X highlighting ADA’s capabilities, which fueled this rumor.

If the listing happens, it could bring more attention and liquidity, which will also give a boost to the ADA price.

Currently, Cardano’s price is $0.4337 and the market continues to be in a downtrend. However, the 57% increase in its volume confirms the gradual increase in demand for ADA.

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