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The film “Dirty Coin” is dedicated to the ecological consequences and, above all, advantages of Bitcoin mining. For the German premiere in Berlin, there will be a themed evening with lectures and discussions.

Anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, mining and environmental protection and lives in Berlin officially has an appointment on June 7, 2024:

The premiere of the film “Dirty Coin” will take place in the Colosseum film theater at Gleimstrasse 31. It was organized by Fulmo, and there are lectures and discussions on the topic before and after the film.

Bitcoin has long been criticized for “wasting” electricity through mining, thereby driving man-made CO₂ emissions and climate change. This criticism is countered by – more or less valid – counterarguments from the Bitcoin scene, some of which even go so far as to attest that Bitcoin has an ecological advantage. However, from the other side – climate activists, green politicians and clean energy companies – the pro-Bitcoin arguments are largely ignored.

This is exactly what Puerto Rican director Alana Mediavilla wants to change with the film “Dirty Coin”. It is intended to raise awareness that Bitcoin mining can also play a constructive role in climate protection and the energy transition, and it wants to promote this discussion, which so far only exists in its infancy.

“Dirty Coin” premiered at the Warsaw Bitcoin Film Festival at the end of April, exactly at the time of the halving, and won the award for best film there. “Dirty Coins” combines expert interviews with comic-like sequences and bombastic images from mining farms and energy plants to shed light on the discussions, myths, misconceptions and potential of Bitcoin mining in terms of environmental protection.

The event in the Colosseum begins at 6:30 p.m. You should be there by 7 p.m. at the latest so as not to miss the program surrounding the premiere:

First, Bitcoiner Weezel will give an introductory lecture on the topic “Bitcoin: Will it make the seas boil or will it save humanity?” At 7:30 p.m., a representative from the “Green Mining DAO” will show how Bitcoin can help climate protection using the example of mangoes that were grown using waste heat from miners.

Dirty Coin will be broadcast from 8 p.m., after which a panel discussion will round off the evening from around 9:15 p.m. Climate and Bitcoin activist Margot Paez, Timo Steipe from Munich International Mining and others will discuss on the panel. This is unlikely to be particularly controversial, as the event is clearly biased in favor of Bitcoin.

However, this should not deter those who view Bitcoin mining critically or playfully ignore pro-Bitcoin arguments. Quite the opposite: At the event, on the one hand, they can get inspiration to broaden their horizons – and on the other hand, they can get involved in the discussions in order to counteract any possible stomach-churning among Bitcoiners.

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