Polygon Labs recently presented a proposal for the ApeCoin DAO governance community to build, deploy and maintain a zero-knowledge Ethereum Layer 2 using Polygon’s own Chain Development Kit (CDK).

“Polygon Labs proposes that ApeCoin DAO develop and maintain its own Layer 2 (“zk-L2”) powered by zero knowledge with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (“CDK”) to accelerate the growth and development of the ApeCoin ecosystem,” highlighted Sandeep Nailwal , co-founder, Polygon Labs.

In its scope, the proposal envisages the launch of a layer 2 ApeCoin network, called “ApeChain”, at an annual cost of US$200,000. In addition, the text also highlights the creation of a development fund of US$3.35 million from the DAO treasury that should be allocated to the growth and development of projects related to ApeCoin, which is supported by Polygon.

The collaboration would include: “a dedicated ApeCoin zk-L2 chain (“ApeChain”) built and maintained by an implementation partner that builds Web3 infrastructure and tooling products; ecosystem collaboration with Polygon Labs; and an ApeCoin DAO treasury development fund to help stimulate the growth of ApeCoin-integrated projects (experiences, entertainment, games, and consumer applications) and ApeChain-related public goods (middleware, marketplaces, and necessary infrastructure).”

It is worth remembering that Polygon Labs announced on August 29th the launch of a software tool, the “Chain Development Kit (CDK)”. The new feature allows developers to develop layer-2 chains for Ethereum, powered by zero-knowledge proofs.

In its announcement, the protocol explained that Polygon CDK is an open-source, modular codebase that anyone, anywhere can use to launch their own L2 chain, powered by Polygon’s industry-leading ZK technology.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/proposta-da-polygon-preve-camada-2-para-alimentar-ecossistema-apecoin-apechain-vem-ai/

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