Polygon Labs announces a significant strategic shift in its development efforts. The company has decided to cease contributions to the Edge framework, also known as Supernets, to focus on developing the Chain Development Kit (CDK). This move reflects Polygon’s adaptation to emerging trends and growing demands of the blockchain market.

Polygon Edge, an open source tool licensed under Apache 2.0, was initially developed to assist in creating custom Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. However, the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology has pushed the Polygon team to reevaluate its priorities. The focus now turns to CDK, a robust solution designed for developing Layer 2 ZK-Rollups. These specialized networks utilize zero-knowledge proofs, offering improved transaction privacy and efficiency over other blockchains.

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Polygon CDK: Advancing Interoperability and Efficiency

Polygon’s CDK stands out for its ability to offer interoperability for chains within a broader network, a differentiator not present in Polygon Edge. This interoperability is crucial for integrating multiple Layer 2 networks, creating a unified liquidity pool and strengthening the global infrastructure of the Polygon ecosystem.

Several entities, including Immutable and OKX, have already expressed interest in adopting Polygon’s CDK for their Layer 2 network projects. The promise of interoperability and the formation of a unified liquidity pool are key factors attracting these developers to CDK .

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Polygon Edge to CDK: Transforming the future of blockchain

Additionally, Polygon continues to improve its scaling methods with the Polygon PoS sidechain and zero-knowledge rollup network, Polygon zkEVM. The company is committed to developing the 2.0 update, scheduled for 2024. Therefore, it promises to be a multi-chain ecosystem with zero-knowledge capabilities, reinforcing Polygon’s position as a leader in blockchain innovations.

In this way, Polygon Labs’ strategic redirection indicates an evolution in the blockchain industry, with a movement towards more advanced and interoperable systems. The decision not only aligns with current technology trends, but also paves the way for future innovations in the industry.


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