Polygon Labs, a pioneer in developing blockchain solutions to scale Ethereum, has announced its ambitious plans to launch a new “aggregation layer”, known as “AggLayer”. This innovative project aims to create a “web” of interconnected networks that function as a single chain, marking a significant advancement in blockchain architecture.

AggLayer, set to launch next month, is based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs, an advanced form of cryptography. Polygon Labs is betting on this technology as the foundation of future blockchain architecture. This development represents an effort to synthesize the most beneficial aspects of modular and monolithic blockchains.

Monolithic blockchains, like Ethereum, are known for their vertically integrated approach, combining transaction execution, security, and data storage into a single structure. In contrast, modular designs separate these functions, allowing networks to combine different components and providers to perform different functions. Polygon’s AggLayer aims to harmonize these two worlds.

Polygon Labs’ goal with AggLayer is to allow developers to connect any layer-1 or layer-2 blockchain to this aggregator layer. This will result in a Web3 network that features unified liquidity and virtually unlimited scalability while maintaining the appearance of a single chain.

The motivation for AggLayer arises from the limitations inherent in modular and monolithic blockchains. The new layer will allow users to purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a different network without needing to consolidate funds using ZK proofs or transfer assets to participate in activities on other networks.

Polygon Labs highlights that AggLayer will offer the sovereignty and scale of modular architectures, along with the unified liquidity and user experience (UX) of a monolithic system. This approach synthesizes the two methodologies in a new way, aiming to overcome the limitations of both.

The introduction of AggLayer is a significant step for Polygon Labs as it represents an innovative fusion of modular and monolithic approaches, potentially reshaping the blockchain landscape. The expectation is that this new aggregation layer will improve the user experience and open up new possibilities for the development of decentralized applications.


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