Polkadot may increase its ecosystem parachain limit in the future. With the help of software updates, developers are seeking this expansion to be able to integrate 1,000 parachains into the network in the future, according to information from The Block.

According to the report, the update to the ecosystem’s parachain consensus protocol is called “asynchronous support”.

“Asynchronous support enables flexible scheduling for our future scaling work through elastic scaling and instant coretime. We have a credible roadmap to get Polkadot to support 1,000 parachains and over 1 million transactions per second. The design is there – we know how to scale Polkadot for the indefinite future,” explained Sophia Gold, engineering lead at Parity.

On its website, Polkadot highlighted that asynchronous support is the latest step in the roadmap to natively scale Polkadot’s performance and flexibility for Web3 use cases across industries.

“As the first set of major optimizations for the parachain consensus protocol since its launch in 2021, asynchronous support will provide an important performance boost for the network, benefiting everyone from parachain and dapp builders to end users, and also will lay the foundation for future scaling optimizations.”

As the developers explained, asynchronous support aims to directly improve block capacity by increasing block execution time and parablock time, which in turn increases the amount of work each parachain can perform.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/polkadot-acredita-que-tera-suporte-para-1-000-parachains-futuramente/

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