In a strategic move that promises to bring new perspectives to the cryptocurrency market, Dune, a recognized data analysis platform, announced its integration with Colorful Notion. This collaboration ushers in the era of detailed analysis of Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM) within the Dune ecosystem, enriching it with previously unexplored data from these chains.

With this partnership, Dune opens the doors to an extensive range of information from AssetHub, including data from prominent parachains such as Polkadot, Astar, Bifrost, Hydradx, Interlay, and Centrifuge. This initiative not only broadens the horizons of data available to Dune users but also makes it easier to understand and access the complexities of these technologies.

Robert Habermeier, co-founder of Polkadot and fellow, highlights the importance of this integration for the community, stating that “Visualization is a key factor in making technology tangible for most people. This deep integration of Polkadot data into Dune is a key step that makes analyzing, and therefore using, Polkadot much more accessible.”

This joint effort is supported by the Polkadot OpenGov Referendum #366, passed in January, covering the integration of the Polkadot and Kusama chains and various parachains for one year. Colorful Notion, a third-party indexer known for its commitment to the Polkadot ecosystem, is at the forefront of developing analytics dashboards for top parachains and projects.

Sourabh Niyogi, CEO and co-founder of Colorful Notion, expresses his excitement about the partnership, highlighting his company’s mission to reveal the details of the Polkadot and Web3 ecosystem, saying: “We are excited to bring together the vibrant Polkadot ecosystem with the Dune community. Our mission has always been to illuminate the intricacies of Polkadot and the broader Substrate and Web3 ecosystem, and this partnership is a testament to that commitment.”

The collaboration is also celebrated by Fredrik Haga, co-founder and CEO of Dune, who sees it as a response to the growing interest in data within the platform. “There has always been more demand for data on Dune than we can accommodate. This innovative partnership with Colorful Notion brings not only data from Polkadot and Kusama to Dune, but also its deep knowledge of this ecosystem. Our mission is to make crypto data accessible and we are excited to help the Polkadot ecosystem with this, together with Colorful Notion.”

This partnership marks a new chapter for Dune users, who can now dive into data from the Polkadot and Kusama relay chain, as well as explore information from six parachains. With hourly data updates and plans to expand coverage, the integration promises to be a valuable resource for analysts, developers, and data teams interested in the Polkadot ecosystem.


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