On Monday, Immutable, known for its innovations in gaming-focused Ethereum scaling networks, announced an exciting collaboration with LiquidX. The latter, a development studio behind the Pokémon-style battle game Pixelmon, has opted for Immutable zkEVM’s blockchain technology for its launch.

The selection marks a significant step forward for Pixelmon, which initially captured the market’s attention in 2022 with an NFT sale that raised an impressive $70 million, despite a mixed reception due to the initial quality of the digital creatures’ artwork. This incident was readily admitted by the project founder as a “horrible mistake”, resulting in a drop in NFT prices.

However, LiquidX took the reins of the project in late 2022, promising a fresh start with artistic improvements and ambitious plans to release a series of games. Ahead of the launch of its MON token, which promises to revolutionize the project with a decentralized intellectual property model, Pixelmon raised $8 million in a seed funding round.

Using Immutable zkEVM, which benefits from Polygon’s zkEVM technology, will allow Pixelmon to explore custom smart contracts, sophisticated gaming engines, advanced tokenomics, and a more efficient trading experience. Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of Immutable, expressed excitement for Pixelmon’s potential to reinvent itself and significantly contribute to the game’s popularity in 2024.

Details about the MON token, including its tokenomics and a community-exclusive pre-sale, are gradually being released. While MON is expected to be an ERC-20 token, the question remains whether it will be minted directly on Immutable zkEVM or on the Ethereum mainnet.


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