The Brazilian Federal Police (PF) carried out a strategic action, called Operations Dangerous and Paschoal, disrupting a complex criminal network involved in the smuggling of grains and pesticides, with the involvement of cryptocurrencies. The organization operated through clandestine ports along the Uruguay River. The path facilitates the illegal entry of soy and corn, coming from Argentina, into Brazilian territory.

Foreign exchange operations, carried out outside the official financial system, were the basis of this scheme, allowing the remuneration of international suppliers. This scheme was particularly notable for its volume, involving the acquisition of cryptocurrencies that reached a figure of 1.2 billion reais.

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Operation exposes misuse of cryptocurrencies in illegal grain trade

Around 200 federal agents were mobilized to carry out dozens of search and seizure warrants, as well as arrest warrants in several cities in Brazil, resulting in the arrest of 12 individuals, while others remain at large.

The operation exposed the sophistication of the criminal scheme, which involved the use of false documentation and shell companies to justify the volume of smuggled grains. Therefore, configuring a case of money laundering and currency evasion. Illegal activity allowed the organization to generate more than 3.5 billion reais in the last five years.

Therefore, the investigation, which began last year, revealed three groups within the organization: the operators of clandestine ports, the beneficiaries of illegal goods and the financial operators. This method allowed the organization to act in a coordinated and efficient manner.

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PF highlights efforts against money laundering and currency evasion

The Federal Police also blocked financial assets and seized luxury goods, highlighting the financial magnitude of the scheme. The operation is a stark reminder that the cryptocurrency market is not immune to misuse by criminal networks.

The dismantling of this scheme illustrates the crucial role of the PF in maintaining order and protecting the national economy against cryptocurrency smuggling and tax evasion practices. Although the investigation is still ongoing, the Federal Police and other security agencies are working to locate the fugitives. Thus, completely unveiling the network of illicit operations.


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