Renowned trader Peter Brandt, known for his accurate analyzes of the cryptocurrency market, recently reversed his bearish view on Ethereum (ETH), the market’s main altcoin. In a turnaround of opinions, Brandt, who has a wide base of followers, now sees a more optimistic scenario for digital currency.

The week before, Brandt told his followers on a well-known social media platform that he was betting on the fall of Ethereum, predicting that ETH could fall to the level of US$650. However, a significant change in the market led the experienced analyst to reconsider his position.

Peter Brandt Changes Perspective on Ethereum and Sees Bullish Potential in Solana
Peter Brandt – @PeterLBrandt

In a recent statement, Brandt stated: “Strong opinions, weakly held. When circumstances change, my opinion changes. My recent assessment of ETH called for an immediate price collapse – that didn’t happen. I have withdrawn my bearish outlook based on the chart structure.” This change in outlook came after Ethereum managed to overcome resistance from an ascending triangle pattern, a technical signal often interpreted as positive by analysts.

At the time of writing, Ethereum was trading at around $2,316, surpassing the previously mentioned resistance.

In addition to his new take on Ethereum, Brandt also commented on Solana (SOL), an altcoin that has proven to be a formidable rival to ETH. Although Solana has already reached its previously established price target, Brandt suggests there is still room for growth. “The Solana SOL/USD logarithmic scale target of $86.48 has been achieved. Of course, prices can evolve well beyond target levels.”

At press time, Solana was trading at $113.00 today up 16%, demonstrating an impressive increase of approximately 56% over the last seven days. Brandt’s analysis, which reflects a balance between caution and optimism, offers valuable insights for both newbies and experienced investors in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.


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