Paytience, a prominent company in the field of cryptocurrencies, is investing to revolutionize the market. The idea starts with the launch of its comprehensive set of trading indicators and a membership program. This suite, scheduled to launch on November 24, promises to facilitate trading across diverse markets and time frames by introducing advanced analytical tools and custom algorithms.

Paytience members will have access exclusive to this set of indicators in TradingView, as well as additional benefits. These include an AI trading assistant for in-depth insights into cryptocurrency, stock and forex trading, and the ability to receive trading alerts from experienced traders at Paytience.

What can indicators say?

The highlight of Paytience’s offer is the “Paytience Kit”, a set of indicators developed internally. This kit is versatile and suitable for trading any type of currency, stock or cryptocurrency on any time frame. Additionally, it includes a built-in scalping mode for shorter time frames, making it easier to trade on 1-minute and 5-minute charts. In this sense, Paytience Kit also offers integrated entry points, take profit and stop loss suggestions, and asset optimization modes especially for Bitcoin and altcoins such as XRP, HBAR and ETH.

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In addition to technical tools, Paytience has placed a significant focus on education and ease of use. Member-only educational tutorials are designed to help traders maximize the potential of the Paytience Kit, thereby promoting a stress-free trading experience.

Additionally, as an added incentive, early buyers and listers will be able to take advantage of a reduced price on the platform. Paytience’s private trading community on Discord, being described as an “ultimate hub for the inner circle trading community”, will offer a safe and exclusive environment for traders to discuss strategies and share insights.


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