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Memecoins continue to attract attention and dominate the cryptocurrency pre-sales market. However, a pre-sale with a different proposal has attracted attention: it is the 99Bitcoins token, one of the largest cryptocurrency education platforms on the market.

The site also gained fame for listing the famous “Bitcoin Obituaries”, a database with news about the “death” of Bitcoin (BTC). But the famous website’s team has a complete education platform and has now decided to launch the expected pre-sale of its 99BTC token.

In just one week, major investors invested a lot of money in this project based on the “earn by learning” model. The 99Bitcoins token raised almost US$500,000 during this period. Furthermore, it received a lot of praise due to its innovative model, which stands out among the sea of ​​tokens with almost the same purposes.

Innovative 99Bitcoins token model attracts investors

99Bitcoins is revolutionizing education with its course and remuneration model. Instead of passively consuming content and paying a lot for it, users have access to several free courses ranging from blockchain to DeFi. And the best thing is that 99Bitcoins plans to pay those who access its courses.

This is where the upcoming new 99BTC token comes in. Anyone who accesses the website platform and accesses the courses (there are more than 70 hours of content) will earn 99BTC and can exchange them for benefits such as discounts and access to exclusive content.

Additionally, 99Bitcoins launched the 99BTC token in the BRC-20 standard, a new standard that works on the Bitcoin network. This standard offers new possibilities and has the security of the largest blockchain.

With the excitement surrounding the 99Bitcoins model, there has been a strong start to its presale. In just over a week since its launch, the $99 BTC presale has raised nearly $500,000 from early backers.

Attention from major investors

In this first round of presale, each 99BTC is worth US$0.001, which means that for every US$1.00 it is possible to purchase 990 tokens. The team has put together a multi-stage structure, which means the $99 BTC price will increase over time as certain funding goals are reached.

This limited availability, combined with the concept of earning cryptocurrencies by learning, has attracted a lot of interest, especially from large cryptocurrency investors. The presale is limited to US$11 million, which makes it understandable that these investors want to acquire as many tokens as possible, especially in the initial presale.

Investors have the option to purchase the token using ETH, USDT, or BNB, but they can also use fiat currencies with a debit or credit card. If you are interested in the offer, visit the pre-sale website and secure your tokens before the end of the current round.

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