Nyan Heroes, the team-based shooter inspired by Overwatch and integrated with NFT assets on the Solana blockchain, has announced the return of its servers next week. The reactivation is part of the launch of its second phase of pre-alpha testing, which will begin on May 8 and is expected to last until May 26. The revelation was made by Max Fu, creative director and CEO of 9 Lives Interactive, who did not rule out the possibility of extending this period.

This return comes at a pivotal time for Nyan Heroes, which recently launched the second season of its play-to-airdrop campaign. This new season promises to expand the varieties of rewards that players can accumulate, introducing CATNIP points, in addition to the already known MEOW points. CATNIPs are awarded based on player performance and provide a multiplier on allocations for the upcoming NYAN token airdrop.

MEOW points, which were already part of the first season, are accumulated by completing rotating missions within the game, which include challenges such as playing a specific number of matches or eliminating a certain number of opponents. Now, with the addition of CATNIP points, player strategy and engagement can be even more rewarding.

The CATNIPs rewards functionality, which was not activated in the first season, will be new for players who had already accumulated these points, as they will be counted and validated for this new season. Additionally, there is the possibility of earning CATNIP outside the game environment by participating in social media activities through the Nyan Heroes play-to-airdrop panel.


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