Nvidia, a leading technology giant specializing in artificial intelligence, is about to report its earnings report for the first quarter of fiscal 2025, marking a watershed moment after the market closes on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The financial community is on alert, given the company’s impressive track record of beating analyst forecasts.

This quarter, Nvidia is expected to report revenue of approximately US$24.65 billion, a significant increase compared to US$7.19 billion in the same period last year. The growth is largely attributed to the growing demand for AI-based technologies, which continue to revolutionize the industry.

The company is also expected to announce net income of $12.87 billion, with earnings per share (EPS) of $5.17. These numbers represent significant growth compared to the US$2.04 billion in net profit and an EPS of US$0.82 in the first quarter of fiscal year 2024.

The data center segment, which generated US$18.4 billion in the last quarter of fiscal year 2024, is seen as one of the main drivers of this success. Nvidia expects sales in this division to reach about $21 billion this quarter, reflecting continued demand for high-performance AI infrastructure and chips.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank indicate that Nvidia can maintain its trajectory of exceptional results, supported by the unwavering demand for AI computing solutions. Even with a slight reduction in orders in advance of the launch of the Blackwell model, Nvidia’s short-term projections are optimistic.

Nvidia’s expertise in technology has been highly praised by analysts, who predict another quarter of strong performance due to the market’s fervor for AI. However, there is a change in investor sentiment. “It appears that investors have become more discerning regarding the AI-driven upside of quarter-end earnings season, and we believe the continued fundamental strength is already well understood,” the experts commented.

The impressive financial results predicted for Nvidia next week have the potential to positively influence the cryptocurrency market, especially those focused on artificial intelligence, such as ICP (Internet Computer), FET (Fetch.ai), RNDR (Render Token) and AGIX ( SingularityNET). These cryptocurrencies, which are based on platforms that heavily utilize AI, can indirectly benefit from the appreciation and increased confidence in the advanced technology sector that Nvidia represents. A robust earnings report from Nvidia could reinforce the perception that AI technology is growing in adoption and effectiveness, thus fueling renewed interest and potentially driving up demand and prices for these specific cryptoassets.


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