The blockchain-based gaming market is about to welcome a new title, Nova Frontier X, which promises to revolutionize the mobile gaming scene with its combination of space combat and management strategy. The sale of spaceship NFTs, which will begin on April 16, is generating great anticipation.

The game offers an immersive experience in which players pilot space fighters to battle human adversaries, rogue artificial intelligences, and mysterious aliens. The search is on for the prized Dark Nova Crystals. Tipsy, founder and CEO of The Tipsy Company, stated in an interview with Rug Radio that the intention is to offer a cinematic experience, with dynamic maneuvers and intense battles in scenarios such as asteroid fields and distant planets.

Developing a game with such graphics for mobile devices was a challenge, according to Tipsy. He highlighted the visual quality and engaging gameplay: “It’s fascinating to think about what it would be like to pilot one of these ships.”

Tipsy also explained that Nova Frontier X is designed to be accessible to everyone, from Web3 veterans to NFT beginners, without the need for a cryptocurrency wallet to get started. “Access to the game is facilitated by the possibility of creating an account with just a username, password and email,” he said.

For enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into the Web3 aspect, the game offers a collection of 9,999 spaceship NFTs, which will be on sale with an initial 50% discount. “These ships not only provide a competitive advantage but also have great visual appeal,” commented Tipsy, emphasizing that control dexterity is crucial, more than simply having a powerful ship.

More than 100,000 users have already registered on the waiting list, signaling strong interest in the gaming community. Tipsy finished on a note of enthusiasm: “Let’s all be little Elon Musks, won’t we?”


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