Nomura Holding and GMO Internet Group announced, on May 27, a strategic alliance aimed at issuing stablecoins in Japan. In its official statement, the company stated that the issuance of stablecoins in the country will be in Japanese yen and US dollars .

Furthermore, the strategic alliance will also include Laser Digital Holdings, which is a company whose owner is Nomura Holdings. Laser Digital is responsible for offering digital asset trading and management solutions.

“This partnership between GMO Internet Group, Inc., Nomura Holdings, Inc. and Laser Digital Holdings AG aims to leverage our track record in stablecoin issuance and expertise in digital assets to provide the highest standard of service in the stablecoin business.”

Nomura Holdings highlighted in its statement that, through Laser Digital, it will support the issuance of stablecoins in Japan, contributing to the project with its extensive experience in digital asset trading, asset management and risk investment.

“The proposed partnership will explore the issuance, redemption and circulation mechanisms of stablecoins in JPY and USD. Furthermore, it also includes the provision of a “Stablecoin-as-a-Service” solution aimed at supporting companies issuing stablecoins. This service will include regulatory compliance management, blockchain technology integration and back-end transaction management.

Commenting on the alliance, Kentaro Okuda, president and CEO of the Nomura Holdings group, highlighted the importance of the partnership to develop the project. “As stablecoins will inevitably play an important role in financial markets, Nomura and its Digital Asset subsidiary Laser Digital are excited to partner with GMO to explore the issuance, redemption and circulation mechanisms of a JPY/USD stablecoin business in Japan. This project has the potential to significantly improve the accessibility and innovation of digital assets in the Japanese financial landscape.”

Nomura Laser Digital Joins MANTRA as Strategic Investor in Asset Tokenization

MANTRA, a blockchain platform focused on real-world assets (RWA), recently received a significant financial boost from Laser Digital, the digital assets division of renowned Nomura. This strategic investment aims to position MANTRA as the leading Layer-1 blockchain for RWAs in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia.

This collaboration promises to strengthen the implementation of RWA tokenization in these regions, combining MANTRA’s innovative expertise with Laser Digital’s vast experience in asset digitization. Laser Digital’s influence in the region is evidenced by its virtual asset broker-dealer and management and investment services licenses, both granted by the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority in 2023, as well as preliminary approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of the Abu Dhabi Global Market.


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