An initiative by former employees of the well-known cryptocurrency trading company, LedgerPrime, made a mark on the market. The announcement about the creation of a new hedge fund focused on liquid tokens, called Split Capital, took place this Friday (19). Zaheer Ebtikar, Michael Churchouse and Nai Boonkongkird, are joined with advisory support by former LedgerPrime chief investment officer Shiliang Tang.

The announcement of the launch of Split Capital was made by Ebtikar, who expressed his excitement in a post on social media platform X. Ebtikar described Split Capital as a long-time dream, finally realized. This new hedge fund has attracted interest from prominent investors including Novi Loren, UTXO Management and Dan Matuszewski, co-founder of CMS Holdings. However, details about the fund’s size remain confidential due to regulatory restrictions.

Split Capital’s investment strategy is distinctive in the current scenario. Instead of divesting digital assets as soon as they become liquid, a common practice among many crypto venture capital firms, Split Capital takes a long-term view. Ebtikar highlights that the fund targets investors who share the same long-term vision.

Long-term strategy distinguishes Split Capital in the crypto market

Interestingly, Ebtikar pointed to recommendations made by the team in December 2022, such as purchasing Solana, Lido and Synapse, giving clues as to the type of tokens Split Capital might focus on. These choices highlight the fund’s strategic and visionary approach to cryptocurrency investments.

The foundation of Split Capital comes after important movements in the cryptocurrency market. Notably, defunct exchange FTX acquired LedgerPrime in 2021. Ebtikar, with significant experience as a portfolio manager. Churchouse is a former member of the DeFi investment team at Nickel Digital Asset Management. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this new initiative.

The launch of Split Capital is a notable development in the cryptocurrency sector, reflecting the constant innovation and dynamism of the market. This new fund not only offers a new investment avenue, but also signals an evolution in the way digital assets are approached by investors and industry professionals.


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