The epitome of the Caribbean on US soil: Miami, the unofficial capital of Floria and Bitcoin. Image by Mack Male via License: Creative Commons

You can’t buy anything with cryptocurrencies? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. If you are looking for a place to live in Miami, Florida, you can save yourself having to exchange fiat money.

The real estate agent Wolsen Real Estate has introduced cryptocurrencies as a payment option. Wolsen specializes in luxury real estate, and Miami is an expensive place, which means buyers have to dig relatively deep into their wallets. Prices start at two million dollars.

TechBullion magazine has counted how many properties of which class are on offer at Wolsen. There are 200 luxury apartments, 182 apartments, including villas and penthouses, 397 apartments and 360 apartments.

Wolsen has sold real estate for cryptocurrencies in the past, totaling $30 million. The company was founded by Denis Smykalov, a Russian who emigrated to the USA in 2006. He cites two cryptocurrency real estate sales as his greatest achievements: an apartment for $2.5 million and a villa on Hibiscus Island for $19 million.

“Many sellers are recognizing the trend and accepting cryptocurrencies as payment,” Smykalow told a magazine. A direct crypto transaction takes place instantly, while typical real estate payments take several weeks to complete. Crypto payments are a great relief, especially for buyers abroad.

With Miami, Smykalow is working in an almost perfect location. The west coast city is known for its crypto-friendly policies under Mayor Francis Suarez. “Crypto millionaires and billionaires are heading to Miami, and the luxury real estate market is hot.”

Which cryptocurrencies will specifically be accepted remains somewhat nebulous. TechBullion speaks of “Bitcoin, stablecoins, Ethereum, Litecoin and others”.


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