Recently, MicroStrategy made a surprising announcement, indicating a strategic pivot to becoming a Bitcoin-focused development company. This new direction generated curiosity and speculation about the future of its traditional software business.

However, Saylor clarified in an interview with Fox Business that the company’s software segment remains “very healthy.” He explained that the decision to focus on Bitcoin aims to take advantage of the company’s substantial BTC reserves and resources to “access the capital markets” and acquire even more Bitcoin.

Saylor compared this strategy to real estate development, stating that the company is issuing bonds to invest in more Bitcoin, as well as promoting the Bitcoin network, securing the digital currency permanently and fostering the ecosystem around it.

Since its first Bitcoin purchase in August 2020, MicroStrategy has made 35 bulk acquisitions totaling 190,000 BTC, valued at $9.9 billion at the current price. The Michael Saylor Portfolio Tracker website reveals that the average purchase price for MicroStrategy was $31,465 per coin. With Bitcoin trading at around $52,100 recently, the company sees an unrealized profit per coin of $20,635, resulting in over $3.92 billion in total unrealized gains.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin acquisition strategy, especially after significant price drops, has come under fire for allegedly exposing shareholders to excessive volatility. However, an influencer known as “Johnny” highlighted that Saylor’s decisions proved to be the right ones, especially with the market recovery after a period of prolonged decline.


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