A new memecoin “Cat in a dogs world” with a feline theme has attracted attention. The MEW token, carrying the flag of cat lovers, recorded an impressive jump of more than 120% in just 24 hours. This surge catapulted MEW’s market cap to over $470 million, positioning it as the most valuable cat-themed token at the moment.

This advance did not come alone. Holders of two other Solana-based meme cryptocurrencies, specifically WIF and BONK, were awarded 5% of MEW’s total supply, a gesture that appears to have further heated interest in the token. With a current price of US$0.00516, MEW brings a new flavor to the cryptocurrency universe, previously dominated by dog-themed tokens.

The name “MEW” is a clear allusion to the challenge of establishing itself in a market saturated by dog ​​meme coins, under the banner “Cat in a Dog’s World”. The crypto community on X quickly fell in line with the proposal, with notable figures such as Arthur Hayes and Meltem Demirors highlighting their MEW acquisitions in public posts.

At the time of publication, the MEW price was quoted at US$0.004762, up 96% in the last 24 hours.

Despite the recent enthusiasm, MEW and its themed companions face a tough road ahead. The combined market value of dog-themed cryptocurrencies is nearly $59 billion, a magnitude that far exceeds the $1.9 billion of feline tokens. However, the rise of MEW may be signaling the beginning of an “age of cats” in the sector.


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Source: https://portalcripto.com.br/surpreendente-salto-de-120-da-criptomoeda-mew-coin-chama-atencao-de-traders/

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