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A new memecoin from Solana, which experienced gains of more than 230% in the last 30 days, was PONKE, which reached its all-time high this Monday (20). According to CoinGecko, the price of PONKE jumped from $0.17 to $0.46 in just over a month.

With a total supply of 555 million units, PONKE, like other memecoins, appreciated strongly. This movement occurred in a surprising way and shows that the network still has a lot to gain from memecoins.

But PONKE appeared in January, which means the market already considers it “old news” even after this rise. On the other hand, other more recent memecoins, and some that haven’t even hit the market yet, have enormous potential to appreciate even more. See, in addition to PONKE, four more memecoins ready to avalanche your wallet’s gains in the coming months:


PONKE is an “aggressive player with anger issues on Solana,” as the memecoin defines itself. According to images on the project’s website, the memecoin satirizes trading behavior, with several images of screens and an angry monkey as a mascot.

Its project also emphasizes user engagement, offering tools such as a “helmet” feature for community members and maintaining active social media channels to foster a strong, interactive community around the token.

Memecoin has created a strong community on X, where all enthusiasts are celebrating the historic high. And now that PONKE is in a price discovery zone, its value could reach even greater heights. Enthusiasts’ biggest bet is the classic catchphrase “PONKE at US$1.00!”.

Dogwifhat (WIF)

Unlike PONKE, WIF has already proven that it has enormous growth potential by going from being a complete unknown to becoming the leader among Solana memecoins. Its price has already risen more than 200,000 since its creation in 2023, and memecoin has surpassed the price of US$2.60.

This makes WIF the memecoin with the second highest price among the 10 largest on the market. But anyone who thinks this limits its upside potential is mistaken, on the contrary. As a leader on Solana, WIF is one of traders’ biggest bets, who see memecoin reaching levels of up to US$5.00 in 2024.

Sealana (SEAL)

To open the part of the list that brings bets with the greatest potential for return is Sealana, a seal inspired by a classic character from the game South Park. Solana’s memecoin is also inspired by another great success of the network, Slothana, especially in the way it organizes its presale.

With a fixed price of US$0.022 per unit, every US$1.00 allows the purchase of 45 SEALs. This price is fixed and is valid until the end of the pre-sale, as memecoin does not have rounds that cause a progressive increase in price. The model emerged with Slothana and was well-received by the market, which praised the transparency of this modality.

And this success seems to be repeated at Sealana, whose pre-sale broke the US$2 million mark and continues to raise a lot of money. You can still purchase your tokens before memecoin arrives on exchanges.


This one is the queen of blockchains, as it is present on six different networks, including Ethereum and Solana. The biggest advantage of Dogeverse is having bridges that allow exchanges between different blockchains without having to sell your tokens or use exchanges.

Dogeverse also offers a staking service that pays yields of up to 53% per year and has more than 30 billion tokens. With this service, the incentive to maintain Dogeverse is greater, which has a positive impact on the token price.

Therefore, it was no surprise when Dogeverse raised the US$10 million mark in record time, which ended its pre-sale early. But the remaining tokens are still being sold on the official website, and you can buy them before Dogeverse officially launches on exchanges.

Wiener AI (WAI)

Finally, WienerAI uses trading as its motto, just like PONKE. But rather than simply playing a joke on traders, this memecoin is here to help them. WienerAI aims to leverage your trading profits.

To achieve this, WienerAI has created a “revolutionary AI trading platform” that has “unparalleled capabilities”. The biggest attraction of this network is its trading robot, which seeks to facilitate the purchase of cryptocurrencies using technology. This robot connects trading and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to carry out more accurate and secure negotiations.

The robot promises to facilitate negotiations, finding entry and exit points to offer market advantages to its users. It aims to help traders with less capital compete with larger operators, promising facilities such as zero fees on cryptocurrency trading.

More than US$2.3 million has already been raised and the next round of pre-sales ends on May 23rd. So, don’t waste time and secure your tokens right away.

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