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McDonald’s has taken a bold step into the digital future by launching its own metaverse, exclusively for Singapore customers. Called “My Happy Place”, this new virtual environment offers a series of unique advantages and experiences, especially for those who own Grimace NFTs.

The initiative is part of a collaboration with Bandwagon Labs, a technology company that developed the BW.LAND platform on which the McDonald’s metaverse operates.

McDonald’s “My Happy Place” is a 3D online environment that allows users to interact in a variety of ways. They can play the “Build-A-Burger” game, preview future McDonald’s restaurant designs and enter daily contests.

These contests offer real prizes through the “Wheel of Deals” feature, which provides food deals. Additionally, user avatars can be customized with McDonald’s themed clothing, creating a more immersive and personal experience.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Marketing and Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s, commented:

“We are excited to launch McDonald’s Singapore’s first digital experience. Our customers can dress up their avatars in McDonald’s apparel, design their dream restaurant and earn daily rewards, elevating the way they experience McDonald’s.”

New McDonald’s NFTs will have exclusive functions

In 2023, McDonald’s Singapore, in partnership with Bandwagon Labs, launched a series of 2,000 NFTs based on the purple marketing character, Grimace. These NFTs, called “soulbound,” cannot be traded after minting. The company distributed them for free through the local McDonald’s app.

Furthermore, each NFT features a random Grimace design and now provides exclusive benefits within “My Happy Place”.

Holders of Grimace NFTs can unlock exclusive in-game wearables, explore a secret island within the metaverse, and display portraits of Grimace in the “Restaurant of the Future.” This initiative not only creates additional value for NFTs but also encourages customer loyalty and engagement.

The launch of NFTs in 2023 was a strategic move by McDonald’s in order to capitalize on the popularity of non-fungible tokens and integrate this technology into marketing and customer engagement strategies. Grimace, a purple character who has recently resurfaced in pop culture, was chosen to star in this initiative.

At this time, McDonald’s Singapore offered a total of 2,000 NFT collectibles featuring Grimace in various expressions and accessories. These free NFTs were not available for trading. This approach ensured that NFTs maintained sentimental and community value, rather than becoming mere speculative assets.

Furthermore, the “My Happy Place” metaverse in Singapore is not McDonald’s only foray into the world of gaming and NFTs. Also in 2023, McDonald’s Hong Kong launched “McNuggets Land”, a limited-time experience in the Ethereum metaverse game The Sandbox. This initiative offered token rewards and NFTs to players, further expanding the brand’s digital presence.

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