When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, few are as assertive as Max Keiser in his predictions. Known for his strong and often controversial opinions on Bitcoin, Keiser has once again caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors around the world.

With the fake news of the bitcoin ETF approval, the price of BTC skyrocketed, reaching the $30,000 mark. In a recent tweet, he made a prediction that made many people raise their eyebrows: Bitcoin at US$220,000.

Keiser has a unique perspective on the current global scenario and its implications for the market-leading cryptocurrency. For him, recent geopolitical events and social unrest spreading across large global metropolises are not just a coincidence. He sees these occurrences as a reflection of financial instability and the breakdown of trust in traditional currencies, which consequently increases the relevance of Bitcoin as a safe asset.

People ask ‘When’ $220,000 for #Bitcoin?
Keep in mind that #Bitcoin trading at these levels AFTER social unrest and social collapse is causing irreversible damage.
You have to prepare for higher prices AND economic collapse.
Good luck!

In making this statement, Keizer wasn’t just making a random prediction. He believes that, after these social turmoils, Bitcoin trading will reach these high levels, bringing significant and, in many cases, irreversible impacts.

Keizer concludes his thought by wishing everyone luck, emphasizing that both Bitcoin holders and people around the world must be ready for this new economic reality that is emerging.


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