In a significant move for the cryptocurrency market, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) revealed its plans to begin accepting applications for crypto ETNs (Exchange Traded Notes) focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum as early as the second quarter of 2024. This decision marks an important advance for the integration of cryptocurrencies into the traditional financial universe, offering professional investors a new route to exposure to these digital assets.

As detailed in the LSE’s official statement, the exchange is prepared to open its doors to cryptocurrency ETNs, with products based on Bitcoin and Ethereum. “The London Stock Exchange confirms that it will accept applications for acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto ETNs in the second quarter of 2024 and in accordance with the details contained in the crypto ETN fact sheet available on the Exchange website. The exact release date will be confirmed in due course,” it was announced.

These ETNs represent a crucial bridge between the cryptocurrency market and traditional finance, allowing more direct and regulated access to these digital assets. The underlying cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are securely stored in cold wallets, with custody ensured by entities regulated by strict UK, EU, Swiss or US anti-money laundering legislations. This measure aims to guarantee the security and compliance of these financial instruments with international standards.

Highlighting the exclusive nature of these products, the LSE announcement highlights that “Bitcoin and Ethereum ETNs are open to professional investors only.” This underlines the exchange’s focus on offering cryptocurrency investment options to those with sufficient experience and knowledge in the financial market, ensuring an adequate level of protection and accountability.

This announcement is seen as a significant step towards the acceptance and integration of cryptocurrencies into global financial markets, representing a new era of opportunities for professional investors interested in exploring the potential of these digital assets.


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