• A minimum distance of 300 meters is set with respect to “any equipment for protected use”, such as schools, institutes or health centers

  • In addition, the consistory has renewed the suspension of licenses for this type of business that it implemented in 2021

The Local Government Board of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) has initially approved the Special Urban Plan for the regulation of gambling, with the aim of “preserving the health of citizens and avoiding the negative impact and social consequences& rdquor; that this type of business and companies have in the population, especially among the youngest people.

Thus, the new fixed regulation a minimum distance of 300 meters with respect to “any equipment for protected use & rdquor;. The consistory itself specifies that this category includes all those facilities that “provide use and service to the most vulnerable population, such as minors and young people, people with mental health problems or addictions, and also people at risk of poverty or social exclusion”.

Thus, they are equipment for protected use: the schoolslas libraries and study rooms, Sport centers and municipal sports centers, youth and neighborhood centers, cultural centers and the classrooms of culture, the health centerscare centers for people with gambling problems, social service centers, the Center for Care and Information for Women (CAID) and the centers of the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC).

In addition, the plan establishes also the prohibition of implementing any activity related to games of chance next to homes and in basements of residential buildings.

Renewal of the moratorium

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Thus, with the initial approval of this plan, it has also been agreed maintain the suspension of licenses for installation or expansion activities for premises linked to games of chance in the entire municipality of Hospitalet. A moratorium that the L’Hospitalet City Council approved for the first time in June 2021 and that it renewed after a year.

At that time, they comment from the consistory, “this planning has been carried out that will allow regulating and ordering the location of establishments for games of chance throughout the city& rdquor ;.

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