A key challenge for crypto investors is identifying tokens with great potential, underpinned by tangible utility within the project rather than mere speculative rumors. Wider adoption and recognition of a project typically leads to an increase in the value of its native token. Launchpad platforms are a good example of such projects.

These are specialized platforms that help blockchain startups attract attention, raise funds, and establish a solid foothold in the market. These platforms act as gateways for new projects to connect with potential investors in a structured and efficient way. The success of projects launched in an ecosystem has a ripple effect, helping the entire community to grow and prosper.

Given the high utility of launchpads, they seem quite appealing to experienced investors who are eager to identify projects with the greatest potential for success. This article is an analysis of the launch pads that deserve the most investment.

Seedify: Soaring Over 1,500% in Just Five Months

Launched in June 2021, Seedify’s native token (FUSD) initially traded at $0.28 but managed to skyrocket to $16.77 in November of the same year, representing a whopping increase of +1,566% in just five months.

Seedify is a Web3 incubator and project launch platform built on the Binance Smart Chain protocol. Since its inception, Seedify has mainly focused on innovative technologies, including Web3 Gaming, NFTs and metaverse.

What sets Seedify apart is its inclusive approach to project selection. Unlike traditional models, where decisions rest with a select board or individual, Seedify democratizes the process by allowing anyone to submit their idea or innovation to the platform. Through a community-driven voting mechanism, projects compete for initial rounds of funding through an IDO, ensuring a fair and transparent selection process.

Early investors who recognized Seedify’s high potential were able to secure huge returns by investing just a few cents. Currently, the price of SFUND has stabilized at approximately $5, which is notably lower than its all-time high. Despite this, the token has demonstrated positive performance, recording a 31% increase in the last three months. So while the profit potential remains, investing now may yield much smaller gains.

Polkastarter: 67,000% increase in less than a year

Polkastarter’s native token POLS was trading at just $0.0014 in September 2020 and reached an all-time high of $7.51 in February 2021, a staggering 67,000% gain in less than a year.

Polkastarter is an open-source launchpad that leverages the robust infrastructure of the Polkadot network. The platform’s architecture allows the creation of swap pools with predefined token purchase rates, facilitating fundraising for initial coin offering (ICO) projects. Notably, these swap pools ensure price stability throughout the sales process, protecting against sudden fluctuations until the initial supply of tokens is exhausted.

POLS, Polkastarter’s native token, grants users access to pools and offers priority access to holders. Furthermore, POLS staking rewards users, promoting loyalty within the platform.

POLS’ recent performance is spectacular, with an increase of almost 300% in the last six months. However, this is nothing compared to an astonishing 67,000% increase recorded during its first year. While investing in POLS now may still yield some gains, the returns are unlikely to match the phenomenal success seen in 2021.

Who’s the next stellar artist?

The success of launchpad platforms depends not only on the team’s efforts but also on the popularity of the underlying blockchain. Platforms built on established blockchains like BNB Chain or Polkadot are promising due to their solid foundations.

However, the cryptocurrency landscape is constantly evolving, with ambitious new projects often gaining an edge over older competitors by introducing innovative ideas. The emergence of Blast, a new Layer 2 blockchain, is a testament to this dynamism. Just a month after its launch, Blast attracted significant attention, boasting over $30 billion in total locked volume (TLV) and securing a spot among TLV’s top 10 projects. BlastUP, Blast’s first launchpad, is poised for similar success.

BlastUP: The Next Launchpad to Generate Triple-Digit Profits From the Start

BlastUP is the first launchpad for Blast, a popular Layer 2 solution. BlastUP embodies its motto, “grow faster and earn more”, offering simplicity and transparency for blockchain startups seeking a seamless go-to-market.

In just one month of your pre-sale, o BlastUP raised quickly more than US$2.5 million . With a surge in investor interest, BlastUP is on track to become a magnet for millions of users, driven by its commitment to ensuring the success of blockchain ventures. At its core is the Launchpad Accelerator, an innovative initiative that aims to empower projects with optimized documentation and tokenomics, streamlining the capital raising process. Security is fundamental in BlastUP , exemplified by its rigorous project screening process, which ensures that only the most credible projects are granted access. This dedication to security positions BlastUP as the leading choice for reliability and sustainable growth in the crypto launchpad landscape.

BlastUP is holding a presale of BLP, its native token, currently priced at $0.055. As the main launchpad for the Blast ecosystem, BlastUP indicates compelling confidence from investors, setting a high standard relative to competitors. Once BLP tokens are listed, they are expected to experience a similar stellar rise to Seedify and Polkastarter.


In conclusion, the crypto landscape presents a plethora of opportunities for investors, with launchpads emerging as key players in driving project success and investor returns. Seedify and Polkastarter have shown remarkable growth trajectories, underlining the potential for significant returns in this sector. However, as the market continues to evolve, attention shifts to promising newcomers like BlastUP, positioned to leverage innovative technologies and robust ecosystems for sustainable growth.

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