For those who think that the opportunities for 2023 in crypto world sold out, I couldn’t be more wrong. At the end of the second half, we have news that could boost investments at the beginning of 2024.

This is because the yPredict token will be launched on the Bitmart exchange. For those who don’t know, being listed on an exchange like Bitmart is a significant opportunity for both the token itself and its investors.

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Understand what makes yPred listing a profitable opportunity:

Being listed on an exchange is a fundamental part for a token after its pre-sale phase due to several reasons, among which it is worth highlighting 3 reasons:

  • 1- Increased Exposure and Accessibility: Listing on Bitmart, one of the most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges, expands the reach of the yPredict token. This makes the token accessible to a wider user base, including institutional and retail investors, who may be unfamiliar with the token or looking for a reliable platform for trading.
  • 2- Legitimacy and Credibility: Listing on a respected exchange tends to increase the credibility of the yPredict token. This is crucial to attract more cautious investors who seek third-party confirmation about a token’s validity and potential.
  • 3 – Potentially Greater Liquidity: With more traders and investors having access to the yPredict token, there is likely to be an increase in the token’s liquidity. Liquidity is fundamental in the cryptocurrency market, as it facilitates transactions, reduces volatility and improves price formation.

In summary, the listing of the yPredict token on Bitmart is an important step towards increasing its visibility, credibility and accessibility, as well as being a significant step towards the growth and maturity of the project in the cryptocurrency market.

Get to know the yPredict project:

yPredict is positioned to face the notorious volatility of the crypto market. Its AI system analyzes market data to detect emerging trends, behaviors and recurring patterns. This analysis feeds the platform’s tools for trading insights and price predictions offered to its users.

Cryptocurrencies often diverge from broader market trends, necessitating advanced analytics to navigate the sector’s complexities.

While traditional markets rely primarily on price action for historical data analysis, blockchain networks generate a plethora of additional, publicly accessible on-chain data. This includes metrics such as transaction volumes, number of active wallet addresses, and coin transfers between wallets.

On-chain analysis has grown as a critical component of cryptocurrency investment strategy. In this way, yPredict’s approach capitalizes on this field by employing on-chain metrics to measure actual network activity. According to the yPredict team, their AI models are designed to maximize the insights gained from this wealth of information.


The arrival of the yPredict token on Bitmart symbolizes more than a simple listing; represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the cryptocurrency market and a strategic advancement for investors and enthusiasts in the sector.

By combining advanced AI-based analytics with the accessibility and liquidity provided by one of the most prestigious exchanges, yPredict is well positioned to lead a new era of crypto investing.

As we move towards 2024, yPredict, now reinforced by its presence on Bitmart, promises to be a key player in this ongoing journey of innovation and discovery. With its sophisticated and technologically advanced approach, yPredict is not just a promise of potential profits; is a vision of the future of cryptocurrency investing.

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