Kathryn Haun, a notable figure in the cryptocurrency industry and former United States Assistant Attorney General, announced her decision to resign from the board of Coinbase. With an impressive track record and seven years of dedicated service to the company, Haun played a crucial role in Coinbase’s rise to public institution status, as highlighted by CEO Brian Armstrong.

“His vision and entrepreneurship have been instrumental in Coinbase’s continued success. She made solid bets that really defined our path,” Armstrong highlighted. He also expressed gratitude for the legal advice of Haun, whose experience as a DOJ prosecutor was invaluable, especially in debates over regulatory strategies and critical legal actions.

Haun’s decision to leave the board will be formalized during the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, scheduled for late summer. Coinbase’s board is already evaluating potential replacements, planning to reduce the total number of members from nine to seven following Haun’s resignation.

This transition also raises questions about diversity on the board, as Haun is one of two women on the current board. The impact of her departure could be felt not only in female representation but also in the legal and regulatory expertise she brought.

Additionally, Coinbase’s regulatory situation continues to be a significant challenge. Recently, Judge Katherine Polk Failla of the US District Court for the Southern District of New York ruled that the SEC could pursue legal action against Coinbase, based on the accusation that the company acts as an exchange, broker and agency unregistered compensation. “The basis of the litigation presented by the SEC was plausible,” Judge Failla said in her conclusion.


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