Juan Gayá Salomthe famous tipster who was dedicated to predicting sports betting, has been arrested in Mallorca within the framework of a police operation against money laundering. The agents of the Balearic National Police broke into the luxurious home in Santa Eugenia of the famous guru, who received them with strong resistance. In fact, he assaulted three of them, who had to receive medical attention.

Gayá called himself “the most followed sports forecaster in Europe“. He was a specialist in second B and third division football and a former radio host for Radio Marca. Only in his account Telegram He garnered a whopping 280,000 followers. In the last tweet before his arrest, dated in the March 24, 2023he boasted of having money “to live 12 lives“.

I’m a millionaire, Yeah. Who’s bothered to buy a Pinypon and paint it magenta. I read your answers from the jacuzzi. I love you, “she published. Her slogan was:” Bet with Gayá. Life is divided between those who risk and those who don’t.”

However, wealth and courage have not been able to buy her immunity, and the Central Brigade for Economic Crimes of the National Police registered him as one of the alleged ringleaders of a plot dedicated to money laundering before stopping it. He is also accused of belonging to a criminal organization and of attacking several agents of the authority.

As has been pointed out EFEthe Specialized and Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police has taken charge of the operation, which has been declared secret, as reported by the local press.

Through a web page, Gayá dedicated herself to advise on sports betting, and was also a participant in some television shows where he bragged about being a millionaire. Without going any further, he was one of the protagonists of a program Research team of The sixth and another of Command Actuality of TVEwhere he showed his luxurious home and his tricks to succeed in the game world.

Source: www.elespanol.com

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