Jordan Belfort, the celebrated “Wolf of Wall Street,” has brought to light essential strategies for thriving on Wall Street, challenging the high-risk approaches often associated with the stock market.

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Belfort outlined a more disciplined and patient path to financial success.

A common misconception among beginning investors, according to Belfort, is the belief that a small initial investment requires great success to become substantial. “The mistake the average person makes is when you don’t have that much money to start with, let’s just pick a number, let’s just say $10,000. You say to yourself, if I want to really get anywhere as an investor, I need to make a big splash, like turn this into a million dollars. I have to find the next Apple computer, the next crazy cryptographic token. Which leads you to engage in wild short-term trading speculation,” Belfort said.

Contrary to this logic, Belfort emphasizes the importance of investing in high-quality shares and holding on to them in the long term. “You don’t have to start with a lot of money to end up with a lot of money by doing exactly the opposite, which is holding long-term, and in all the highest quality stocks and relying on long-term compounding and reinvesting dividends and making small contributions over time. of the way”, he added.

Belfort, also known as a motivational speaker, highlighted the relevance of avoiding the temptation of trying to predict short-term market movements, stressing that trying to predict the market often leads to losses. He also addressed the challenges of choosing stocks individually, highlighting that most people tend to make suboptimal choices.

“As human beings, by nature, we are terrible stock pickers, and when you try to pick individual stocks, you tend to lose most of the time,” concluded Belfort, highlighting the value of long-term investing and diversification.

As for his views on cryptocurrencies, Belfort sees a promising future for Bitcoin (BTC), supported by favorable regulatory developments and its resilience in the market.


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