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That the betting houses that have sprung up like mushrooms in popular neighborhoods are being compared to the drug outlets that proliferated in the slums of our country in the eighties to wipe out generations is no coincidence. Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the alarming numbers of young people hooked on the game online through a report that should make us reflect and make decisions.

The Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs has published the third edition of the Report on Behavioral Addictions, Gambling, Video Game Use, and Compulsive Internet Use. The document states that, between 2019 and 2020, 64.2% of the population between the ages of 15 and 64 have gambled with money in the last year in person, online or both, and shows that it is an activity “widely extended in our society”. the game is increased online with money compared to previous years, with a worrying drop in the age of the players.

Sports betting is the one that predominates by 58.8% among men and lottery games among women, 45.5%. The maximum amount played in a single day among the majority ranges between 6 and 30 euros. As far as face-to-face gambling is concerned, 77.1% of the population between 55 and 64 years old admits having played, mainly lottery and pools in the male sector, and bingo in the female sector.

The bank always wins

With these figures in mind, threads like the one that has been basted are clearly necessary Jaime, a former Galician dealer who wanted to tell his experiencethrough the social network, with the aim of explaining the strategies of games of chance and making us aware that Banking, as they say, always ends up winning. His argument began with the answer he had given to a colleague of his who had been playing roulette over the Internet for months:

From there, Jaime recounts what moved him, beginning by telling him that “don’t get into that shit” and that the methods one thinks one knows are not what they seem:

In addition to his exhaustive account, Jaime has also launched several extra caveats based on his experience:

As a result of the great diffusion that his thread has had, Jaime has been answering the doubts that many tweeters have raised about roulette or black jack, to end up saying that any trick “It doesn’t work, seriously. Do not read methods on the internet. All players without exception parliament pasta. If you don’t believe me, ask other dealers”.

The Ministry’s report also adds that “individuals who show a possible problematic game present a greater frequency of gambling and a greater expenditure of money in a single day”, in addition to observing “they present a higher prevalence of risk behaviors” such as consumption of alcohol and drugs. Exists a free phone coordinated by entities that care for people dependent on gambling, which is 900 533 025.


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