The joint initiative between the decentralized computing protocol and the DePIN Aethir platform is a big step towards democratizing access to supercomputing around the world. With a shared investment of US$100 million, the two companies aim to revolutionize access to data processing resources.

By distributing $50 million in each other’s tokens to their respective communities, and Aethir are not only celebrating their partnership, but also fostering a more accessible environment for developers and companies that require large computing power. This movement is seen as a significant advance for global technological infrastructure, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which has demanded increasingly advanced and expensive computing resources.

“The synergies between and Aethir are as obvious as they are extensive, and we are delighted to work hand in hand to provide users with best-in-class cloud computing services,” said Ahmad Shadid, CEO of

The collaboration plans to tackle long-standing challenges such as high costs and dependence on technology giants for access to servers and high-performance computing. With a potential 600,000 GPUs and CPUs, including 40,000 next-generation GPUs and 3,000 NVIDIA H100s, the partnership promises a significant reduction in operating costs for startups and developers, facilitating innovation and the development of new technologies.

In addition to providing resources for developers, the partnership also allows individuals with available computing capacity to participate in the network, receiving rewards for their contribution. This not only expands access to supercomputing, but also democratizes the possibility of contributing to and benefiting from this technological revolution.


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