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The Junta de Andalucía will update the regional regulations regarding gambling establishments whose regulations have been maintained motionless since 1986. This was announced by the Andalusian Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo, who added that the decree will tighten control over face-to-face gaming to adjust it to “reality”.

At a press conference after the weekly meeting of the Governing Council, the head of the Treasury stressed that it is a “legal and lawful” business activity with important controls. In Andalusia, the sector generates 5,000 direct and 3,500 indirect jobs.

The decree, which is now beginning its parliamentary process, modifies the imposed regulations and makes them tougher. As the Andalusian counselor has advanced, the previous regulations regulated the distance between gaming venues but not between schools and institutes.

The Andalusian Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo.

In this sense, it has announced that the decree will oblige such establishments to be at least 150 meters of educational centers. For the protection of minors as well access controls are imposeda mechanism that was not established in the previous regulations.

In this control, as Juan Bravo has outlined, a local worker must prevent the entry of minors since those enrolled in the so-called register of self-prohibited. Therefore, the areas that until now were freely accessible are eliminated. To all this is added a single regional registry of self-prohibited.

more fines

The Government of Juanma Moreno also contemplates with this decree tougher penalties by adapting to the sanctioning regime of the different regulations. Offenses relating to allowing access to minors are now considered very serious, instead of serious.

This grievance is extended to the installation of unauthorized advertising or failure to comply with opening hours. They carry fines ranging from 10,000 and 300,000 euroswhen before they were between 600 and 10,000 euros.

With regard to advertising, it is prohibited to broadcast messages or representations of the game and that of athletes on whose sports bets can be placed on the facades and exterior walls of the establishments. The information about the punctual price of the bets.

This tightening of sanctions also translates into the power of the regional administration to temporarily suspend the opening authorization. Also may close the establishment if these assumptions occur.


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