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Blockchain gaming platform Illuvium is ready for another breakthrough with the launch of its Private Beta 4 (PB4), scheduled for April 30, 2024.

Scheduled to launch later this month, this new beta promises an integrated experience across its three main games. Furthermore, the launch also marks the debut of the highly anticipated Play-2-Airdrop campaign.

On the platform, players will be able to access classic titles such as Illuvium – Overworld, Arena and Zero. With an ILV token pool valued at around $20 million, players have the opportunity to secure their share.

How to register?

The process to participate is very simple. Players must sign up through the Immutable X Passport on Testnet.

Simply sign in using an Apple ID, Google account, or personal email and create an Illuvium account. Those selected will have access to the beta version and will be able to start earning Airdrop points.

The Play-2-Airdrop campaign is a crucial part of PB4, offering players opportunities to earn points over six months. During this period, Illuvium will distribute 200,000 ILV tokens, with 10% for PB4 and Open Beta on Testnet, and 90% for Open Beta on Mainnet and beyond.

By engaging in various activities in Illuvium games, such as battling in the Arena and exploring the Overworld, players can accumulate points towards the airdrop.

Additionally, a loyalty airdrop with 50,000 ILV reserved will be an additional reward for active participants in the ecosystem.

Future Opportunities and Airdrop Launch Details

Even if players miss Private Beta 4, the Open Beta Testnet will hit the market a month later and will be available to everyone. During this phase, players can continue earning airdrop points.

The first airdrop will allocate 20,000 ILV to players during the beta phases, with the remainder distributed at the end of the Open Beta on Mainnet. During this period, the team will add more features to games and players will be able to earn points in all game modes.


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