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The Bitcoin halving is finally upon us, and the implications for miners, both corporate and domestic, are being widely discussed.

The event, which takes place every four years, halves miners’ reward per block. Furthermore, halving has traditionally been seen as a trigger for price increases in cryptocurrency.

Thinking about this reduction and also the increasing demand for Bitcoin, miners are preparing like never before.

Large corporate mining companies have been preparing for this event for months. Meanwhile, domestic miners may face significant challenges. While the general expectation is for Bitcoin prices to rise following the halving, it is important to understand that the event is designed to make mining less profitable, representing a critical moment for miners across the spectrum.

Preparations and prospects for the halving

Isaac Holyoak, director of communications at CleanSpark, told Decrypt that although revenue may be halved, mining difficulty may also decrease after the halving. This can result in additional rewards for the most competitive miners.

Furthermore, operational efficiency becomes crucial in this context, with companies like CleanSpark leading in both energy efficiency and operational performance.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin mining stock market presents a variety of scenarios. Some companies are recording significant declines and others are remaining resilient. CleanSpark, for example, stood out as one of the exceptions, with a 50% increase in its shares this year, in contrast to other miners that faced sharp declines.

Although the market initially expressed pessimism regarding the profitability of mining companies after the halving, more recent analyzes suggest that most major companies will remain profitable. This is especially true in a Bitcoin price scenario above $65,000 where all major players are estimated to remain in the green.

Companies like IREN and Riot Platforms stand out not only for their operational efficiency, but also for the diversification of their strategies. This includes investments in renewable energy and demand response programs.

Domestic Bitcoin Miners

However, the outlook for domestic miners is less rosy. Some predictions suggest that profitable mining on a domestic scale may become unviable after the halving. The gap in operational efficiency between domestic and institutional miners is increasingly evident. And that raises concerns about the long-term viability of these small operators.

Despite the challenges, there is room for innovation and adaptation. Domestic miners are exploring alternatives such as solar energy mining and heat reuse to ensure the sustainability of operations.

The Bitcoin halving is scheduled to take place on April 19th, at 9:56 pm Brasília Time (April 20th 00:26 UTC), according to the nicehash portal.

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