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Google has started indexing Bitcoin address data in search results. However, mixed reactions have followed the tech giant’s reversal of stance on cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin’s recent race to reach an all-time high has brought many new developments around the largest digital asset. One of them is the attraction of traditional companies to provide Bitcoin-related services to users, with large financial institutions such as BlackRock and Fidelity entering the crypto ecosystem strongly.

Following the approval of the Bitcoin ETF by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Google, which had banned Bitcoin-related advertisements, reversed its position by allowing Bitcoin ETF advertisements in January.

Now, in a move involving Bitcoin adoption, the search giant has started indexing data from the Bitcoin blockchain. So people can see information about their wallet addresses through simple Google searches. This marks a reversal in Google’s approach to Bitcoin.

Google indexes Bitcoin data

Google initially began storing historical Bitcoin blockchain data in 2018 through its cloud business, and the recent move to display address details has deepened its connection to the crypto ecosystem.

Considering its large global user base, with an average of 3.5 billion daily searches, Google could help drive the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin, as “a quick Google search is easier to navigate than traditional search tools.” blockchain,” said user X.

Currently, Google search can only display details of three address formats – Bech32, P2PKH and P2PSH. Many users rushed to Google, entering their different wallet addresses to try out the feature.

Some members of the crypto community see this as good news, praising the tech giant, while others express concerns about the possible impact on privacy.

“Bitcoin is so successful that it has been integrated into Google search,” said one user X. In contrast, another said: “Protect yourself and your family and get your privacy back.”

Previously, Google had already integrated wallet data for Ethereum and five EVM-compatible blockchains.

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