Privacy technology company Oasis Labs has just announced a significant collaboration with Google Cloud. The focus of this partnership is the integration of Oasis’ innovative product, Oasis PrivateSQL, a privacy-preserving data analytics platform now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Oasis PrivateSQL stands out for its application of differential privacy technology, which is crucial to the responsible use of sensitive data in artificial intelligence and analytics. This technology allows organizations to maximize the potential of their data, gaining valuable insights and making smarter decisions, without compromising the privacy of individuals.

“Oasis Labs is on a mission to empower organizations to unlock the potential of their data without sacrificing the privacy of individuals,” said Prof. Dawn Song, founder of Oasis Labs. Differential privacy works by introducing noise into the results of statistical queries, offering mathematical guarantees that data analysis will not reveal sensitive information about the individuals involved.

The PrivateSQL product automatically adapts privacy-preserving statistical queries when running against a wide range of SQL databases. It maintains data usability while protecting data individuality, enabling analysts to continue with their usual work methods without the need for significant modifications.

PrivateSQL’s easy implementation is another highlight, allowing data to remain in existing cloud database systems without changes to data schemas. Organizations can thus securely collaborate both internally and with external entities, leveraging new opportunities for insights and revenue, while adhering to current privacy regulations.

John Vozenilek, MD, Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health at OSF HealthCare, emphasizes the healthcare benefits of the partnership: “Working closely with Oasis Labs has allowed OSF Innovation to pioneer new approaches to data privacy. data in the health sector. Differential privacy technology is the foundation of our joint effort to responsibly use patient data and improve outcomes for patients everywhere.”

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