The giant technology company, Google, filed a lawsuit on April 4 against a group of scammers. The accusations state that they used their platforms to distribute and advertise fraudulent crypto applications, according to a recent report by CNBC.

According to the publication, Google alleged in the lawsuit that scammers defrauded more than 100,000 people by uploading fraudulent investments and cryptocurrency exchange applications to Google Play. Google’s lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York.

As the lawsuit highlighted, the defendants made “numerous false statements to Google in order to submit their fraudulent applications to Google Play, including, but not limited to, false statements about their identity, location, and the type and nature of the application being uploaded.” ”.

The lawsuit identified the alleged scammers as Yunfeng Sun, also known as Alphonse Sun, and Hongnam Cheung, also known as Zhang Hongnim or Stanford Fischer. According to the report, the suspects had been running the scheme since mid-2019 and had victims download their apps from Google Play, as well as other sources, in three ways: text message campaigns; promotional videos on YouTube and other platforms; in addition to affiliate marketing campaigns.

The tech giant’s lawsuit argued that Sun, Cheung and their agents made the apps appear legitimate to the victims and showed them that they were maintaining their respective balances in the app, as well as the users were allegedly earning returns on their investments. However, the scammers’ victims could not withdraw their investments or supposed earnings from the platform.

In light of the recent lawsuit, Google also highlighted that it is the first technology company to take action against cryptocurrency scammers, highlighting that the action takes place as a way of establishing a legal precedent aimed at protecting users.


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